Beyer leads delegation introducing Law Enforcement Identification Act

It is critical that Americans exercising their First Amendment right to protest never again be patrolled by unidentified officers like they were in DC in the past weeks. We need to hold officers accountable. The Law Enforcement Identification Act would force federal officers to identify themselves when restricting peaceful protest.

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White House Coronavirus Task Force Members Testify on Federal Response to Pandemic

Dr. Fauci and other public health officials spoke before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week to explain how to best combat coronavirus. It is critical that we increase testing, and we must address disparities in outcomes between racial groups.

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Vote for Takis Karantonis for Arlington County Board

A week from today, on Tuesday, July 7, Arlington voters will elect a new member of the County Board. Please vote for community activist Takis Karantonis, who has been endorsed by the Arlington Democrats.

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Beyer bill would block police from using facial recognition technology with body cam footage

Facial recognition technology is biased, often misidentifying people of color. As protesters fight to end racially-driven policing, Congress needs to pass the Stop Biometric Surveillance by Law Enforcement Act.

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