House members race to prepare for first-ever remote votes

Within 48 hours, Rep. Don Beyer, a Northern Virginia Democrat whose commute to the Capitol is only about a 15-minute drive, had already received nearly the maximum number of requests from colleagues asking if he could serve as their proxy. Beyer said Friday that he had already agreed to serve as a proxy for nine others, leaving him only one slot to spare. “It's too bad that we have to have this, but it’s my pleasure to be able to do it for my friends. I know they really want to participate. They want to be on the record,” Beyer told The Hill. “It seems a lot better than just not being able to do the people's work or putting a bunch of people at grave risk.”

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Beyer Sponsors $100 Billion Boost for Contact Tracing

Northern Virginia Congressman Don Beyer is a co-sponsor of the TRACE Act, which would provide $100 billion in grants to clinics, medical centers and faith-based organizations to help them perform contact tracing.

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NOVA Congressmen want more telework flexibilities regardless of pandemic

I am working with my colleagues in the Northern Virginia delegation to expand work-from-home opportunities for our federal government workforce, even once the pandemic is over.

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One Democrat’s plan to stretch expanded unemployment insurance through December

I worry that unemployment could remain at 9.5% for the next year and a half, so I am working to ensure that Americans have unemployment insurance benefits as long as possible.

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