Virginia is INDEED for Lovers

Friends, Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional! We were so happy to hear this decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday. The momentum is moving – finally – in the direction of equality. And we have to work together to keep it going.

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On the Trail Again

Among the epic adventures of my life has been section-hiking the Appalachian Trail. While I'm only halfway through, with over 1,058 miles left to hike, I welcomed the interruption to campaign for the 8th District Congressional seat. The June 10 Primary was an important junction on the far more important Campaign Trail. Thank you for all of your support -- and votes!

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I am so happy to let you know that this morning Don accepted the endorsement of the National Education Association (NEA) Fund Council and the Virginia Education Association (VEA) Fund for Children and Public Education. For as long as he has had the chance to serve, Don has worked to improve the quality and accessibility of education for all of Virginia's students.

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Let’s Celebrate!

Once a year we gather together to celebrate the day that a generation of men stood up against tyranny and oppression to state in one Declaration that they would no longer accept being treated as anything but equal. Through the signing of the Declaration of Independence on that day, 238 years ago, those men became the founders of a new nation and a new idea. On this day every year, we celebrate the freedom, rights, and opportunities afforded us by the words written in that document with parades, fireworks, food, and family.

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