Last Weekend

Last weekend we watched in horror, confronted by the now all too common grief, as the news came out that six students had been killed in a senseless massacre. The TV anchors rattled off the names we know so well: "Columbine," "Virginia Tech," "Sandy Hook." Last weekend, we added "Isla Vista."

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Sign up to help us Get Out the Vote!

What a week! David Axelrod, Jim Messina, Melody Barnes, Julianna Smoot and Pete Rouse recently stumped for Don. Our volunteers contacted thousands of voters. And the Washington Post endorsed Don! We have just 12 days left to keep the momentum going through June 10th. Have you signed up to Get Out The Vote yet?

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On Memorial Day

Our congressional district is the headquarters of the U.S. Military, as well as the final resting place for tens of thousands of men and women who served our country with valor. Every year, we are reminded of the gift these men and women gave us and of the obligation we incur. This Memorial Day, I think not just of them but also of the 22 million veterans who live on back home with us.

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Don Beyer for Va.’s 8th District Democratic primary – The Washington Post

THE DEMOCRATIC primary race to succeed Rep. James P. Moran, who has represented Northern Virginia’s heavily Democratic 8th Congressional District since 1991, is strikingly lopsided. Half a dozen candidates have scrambled to dislodge a smart, substantive, well-financed front-runner, former lieutenant governor Don Beyer. For the most part, they appear to have failed — not because they are all pygmies, but because Mr. Beyer is, simply, an excellent candidate. He would make a first-rate addition to this region’s unusually effective congressional delegation, and we endorse him in the June 10 primary.

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