Have You Voted?

Do you have a plan to vote? Today is the last day to apply for a mail absentee ballot for the Democratic Primary. The polls open in one week - will you be around? If you haven’t already submitted your application for a mail absentee ballot by today, don't worry! There is still a way to vote!

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Mame Reiley

Mame Reiley had a great heart. She served tirelessly and relentlessly for those she loved like Hillary Clinton and Jim Moran. She was loyal and steadfast. Her friendship embodied the old Theodore Roosevelt adage, "It is better to be faithful than famous."

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Our Endorsements

I am proud to share with you the updated list of our endorsements and - for the first time - over 500 Women For Beyer! I am absolutely amazed and humbled by this list. It means so much to me to know that these amazing people are a part of Team Beyer and I hope I can count you amongst them. - Don

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Last Weekend

Last weekend we watched in horror, confronted by the now all too common grief, as the news came out that six students had been killed in a senseless massacre. The TV anchors rattled off the names we know so well: "Columbine," "Virginia Tech," "Sandy Hook." Last weekend, we added "Isla Vista."

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