In Their Shoes

As I campaign for Congress – and especially today – I think about my mom. Nancy Beyer was the original social justice liberal and she expected no less of her six children. She always taught​ us to think about the less fortunate in the world. And she told us, time and again,​ to put ourselves in other people's shoes – to try to imagine what their life is like. So t​his Mother's Day and for the last few weeks, my mind has been racing to Nigeria.

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Beyer Position Paper on SNAP and Welfare

One of the primary functions of government is to help the most vulnerable in society. I worked hard as Lieutenant Governor during Virginia’s poverty and welfare reform to push back against stringent Republican proposals and to keep the system compassionate and fair. And today, I am again disturbed by the war against the poor in America, and specifically by budget proposals such as Rep. Paul Ryan’s that would enact punitive cuts to SNAP -- the former Food Stamps -- as well as to health insurance programs and Social Security.

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Top Obama Aides Support Don Beyer

Top architects of President Barack Obama’s successful campaigns and close advisors to President Obama are throwing their support behind former Virginia Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer’s congressional bid in Virginia’s 8th district. Pete Rouse, Jim Messina and Julianna Smoot are endorsing Beyer and hosting a fundraising event for grassroots supporters of the campaign later this month in Arlington, Virginia.

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Beyer and White House Emphasize Need to Tackle Climate Change

Don Beyer emphasized the urgent need to tackle climate change and reiterated his call for a progressive carbon tax at a candidates’ forum last night. The same urging for action came today with the White House release of the National Climate Assessment. “We have to address the growing threat of climate change,” said Beyer in his opening remarks at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. “The ten hottest years on record have all happened since 1998. This is why I will fight for a progressive carbon tax, the single most effective solution to control greenhouse gases.”

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