50 Days

I have often recounted the personal history of my hero and grandmother, Clara Beyer, who spent her very long (98) life in public service to others. The sixth daughter of Danish immigrant farmers, she worked her way through Berkeley in 1915, taught economics at Bryn Mawr and Columbia, and spent 50 years in our Federal Government. She worked at the US Department of Labor, first leading the Children's Bureau, then organizing and leading the Bureau of Labor Standards. At age 65, Clara signed on with USAID, and spent another 15 years traveling the globe, helping focus our international training efforts on women in developing countries.

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Howard Dean: I Support Don Beyer

I’ve thrown my support behind my friend Don Beyer in his bid to become your next Congressman. I urge you to do the same. I’ve known and respected Don for years. He and I first met in 1990 when we were both Lieutenant Governors, and immediately struck up a friendship. He and his wife, Megan were two of the earliest supporters of my presidential campaign. Don drove to Burlington, Vt., in the spring of 2003 to volunteer. I was struck by his convictions and by his dedication to core issues of the Democratic Party — equality, justice, reproductive rights, and environmental protection. In addition to his work ethic and generosity — being willing to drive 500 miles to volunteer on what was then a little-known campaign — Don has vision and he has spine. And we could use a little of that in the House of Representatives.

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Howard Dean & Don Beyer Host Arlington Picnic in the Rain

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean joined hundreds of supporters in Arlington tonight to endorse Don Beyer, the Virginia Chair of his presidential bid, in Beyer’s campaign for Congress. “Don’s record on numerous causes, including economic inequality, equal rights and environmental protection is exceptional,” Dean said. “His track record, diplomacy and work ethic are exactly what the U.S. Congress needs.”

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Beyer Endorsements Include Bill Richardson, Howard Dean

Don Beyer announced today that he has been endorsed by Bill Richardson, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former U.S. Secretary of Energy. Beyer and Richardson worked closely together in 2008-2009 on President Obama’s transition team, readying the Department of Commerce for Obama’s economic agenda.

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