From Council for a Livable World

Help us go the extra mile. Campaigns frequently come down to the last few minutes, those extra doors knocked or phone calls made. Tomorrow’s election is no different and Council for a Livable World is going the extra mile for a candidate that will bring common sense and progressive values to Congress: Don Beyer.

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From the Humane Society Legislative Fund

Virginia's primary election is tomorrow and advocates of animal protection need to know who is standing up for their interests. The Humane Society Legislative Fund is the nation's leading political advocacy organization for animal welfare, and we want you to know that former Lt. Governor Don Beyer is a friend of animal protection. We're encouraging animal advocates in Virginia's 8th District to support Don Beyer tomorrow.

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From Kate Michelman

Don has always been an advocate for women. In 1989, when nary a candidate in Virginia wanted to talk about reproductive rights, Don Beyer asked me to come campaign with him on choice. When he won the Lieutenant Governorship, he was our stalwart ally for 8 years, casting tie vote after tie vote to keep onerous and intrusive policies at bay. He was always there when we needed him. Now Don needs us.

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They Would Know

When you campaign side by side with someone, you gain a true understanding of their priorities and passions. Some of Don’s colleagues from President Obama's campaign want to share with you their experience working with Don.

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