Environmentalists Are Glad Pruitt Is Out but Worry What’s Next

The ascension of Wheeler means that we’ll likely have “a continuation of the same bad policies [as Pruitt] but with a lot more political sensibility,” Beyer previously told Eos. “I wouldn’t expect that he’s going to suddenly become a champion for a stronger Clean Water Act and a stronger Clean Air Act. He’s still going to follow that deregulatory process that is under way right now.”

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Rep. Don Beyer joins CNN’s Jim Acosta

I joined CNN's Jim Acosta yesterday to speak about Pruitt's resignation and immigrant family separation. The real problem with Pruitt was not his numerous ethical violations but rather the work he did to destroy the environment and public health. He turned over the regulation of water, air, and toxic chemicals to the very companies being regulated.

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Pruitt allegedly worked with his staff to scrub controversial meetings from official calendar

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), one of Congress’s leading watchdogs of Pruitt’s EPA, stated in a tweet sent late Monday that “scrubbing his official calendar — falsifying records — to conceal meetings with oil barons, lobbyists, and industry executives (not to mention a Cardinal charged with abusing children) and hide how he is making EPA policy from the public = illegal.”

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Hundreds attend Women’s Summit in Northern Virginia

"Energized and motivated by policies with which they disagree and persistent problems in America, the women believe the country is on the wrong path and are here to alter it."

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