Beyer Rips Trump’s Federal Pay Freeze

Trump's decision to stop pay raises for civilian federal employees is a slap in the face to the hardworking civil servants who help keep us safe, care for our veterans, and faithfully serve the American people.

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Appeals Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Display of Gay Pride Flag

Chris Sevier, a lobbyist who has filed numerous anti-gay lawsuits, filed suit in U.S. District Court in Washington in July 2017 against Davis and Reps. Alan Lowenthal, Donald Beyer and Earl Blumenauer.

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In victory for unions, judge overturns key parts of Trump executive orders

I count more federal workers as constituents than any other member of the US House of Representatives. In May, Pres. Trump issued executive orders aimed at making it easier to fire federal employees and weaken their representation. I am thrilled at the news that a federal judge reversed these new rules.

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Beyer: Trump reversal on Clean Power Plan “betrayal of the public trust”

Pres. Trump teamed up with his friends in the fossil fuel industry to release a plan that would open the floodgates to more carbon pollution across the country.

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