Rep. Beyer Introduces ‘No Hate’ Act

“The rise in hate crimes in the United States has reached epidemic proportions in the last few years, and we need law enforcement to have every possible tool to stop it,” said Beyer. “By tracking and reporting incidents of hate crimes nationwide, we can know whether we are making progress towards their prevention. I thank my colleague, Rep. Olson, for his leadership; this legislation has a real chance to move forward.”

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Beyer seeks face recognition bill changes

Artificial intelligence brings exciting potential but also concerning privacy risks. My amendment would bring more research and better standards of use for this new technology.

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Rep. Beyer Joins Congressional Push on Affordable Housing

“The point of Low Income Housing Tax Credit is to build and sustain desperately needed affordable housing for the long term,” said Rep. Beyer. “The Save Affordable Housing Act would ensure that the credits do just that, and I hope that we will see this legislation advance soon.”

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Beyer Votes For Landmark Immigration Reform Legislation

The American Dream and Promise Act establishes a process for Dreamers meeting certain criteria to first obtain conditional lawful permanent resident (LPR) status for 10 years, and then, when they have met certain additional educational, military service or work requirements, to obtain full lawful permanent resident (LPR) status. Once obtaining full LPR status, Dreamers can then apply for citizenship after an additional five years.

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