Congressional group pushes consideration of legislation to implement 9-8-8 suicide hotline

9-8-8 will soon be the National Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Hotline.

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Pelosi taps Beyer for key post on economic panel

"Stewardship of the U.S. economy is one of the most important challenges facing Congress, and I will approach this responsibility with the gravity it deserves," Beyer said.

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Congressman Don Beyer to hold town hall on Thu Jan 23 at Mount Vernon High

Join us!

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Pete Buttigieg wins first endorsement from a black member of Congress

In an interview, Brown said he paid close attention to the Democratic debates and to Buttigieg’s speeches over the summer. The arguments he heard and things he saw from the candidate impressed him. When the Buttigieg campaign reached out to Brown, he met with the candidate and trailed him during a swing through Iowa in late December. “When I went out there and I attended a lot of events, my ear was listening to him but my eyes were on the audience,” Brown said. “How are people reacting to this midsized city mayor who is fairly new to the American electorate but is attracting a lot of attention because of his ideas and because of his openness?” He concluded that Buttigieg is “very, very consistent and connects well to the audience.”

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