Children Are Routinely Isolated In Some Fairfax County Schools. The District Didn’t Report It.

I am working with my colleague Rep. Bobby Scott to make the use of seclusion in public schools completely illegal and limit the use of restraints. We also want to tighten oversight and reporting of the use of seclusion and restraint.

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GenderAvenger and Representative Don Beyer Join to Ask U.S Congressmen to Pledge to Support Women’s Voices

I pledge not to serve as a panelist at a public conference when there are no women on the panel. I am pushing my male colleagues to take the same GenderAvenger pledge.

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Beyer: IRS Needs Additional Funding to Track Down Tax Evaders

In the last decade, IRS audits of wealthy people fell 75% according to a recent report by ProPublica. That’s concerning to Congressman Don Beyer – a Democrat from Alexandria – especially because audits of middle-class taxpayers and poor people taking the Earned Income Tax Credit did not fall nearly as much.

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Town hall in Franconia: Tue Mar 26

Join me in Franconia for my next town hall on Tuesday, March 26.

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