Congress to Consider Beyer’s School Seclusion Bill

Thank you to state Sen. Barbara Favola for leading the way on this legislation to put a stop to child abuse in schools. My counterparts in Richmond often give me important ideas for bills in Washington.

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As polarized as Americans are, they agree on this: Gerrymandering is wrong

The gold-standard reform is the Fair Representation Act, introduced in Congress by Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.). It would slay the gerrymander once and for all by eliminating winner-takes-all, single-member districts entirely. Instead it would create large, multi-member districts with representatives chosen via ranked-choice voting, in which voters choose more than one candidate and indicate which they consider their first, second and third choice as a representative. (Maine’s experiment with ranked-choice voting worked well on Tuesday.)

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House Science Committee in the 116th Congress

Democrats will also likely focus heavily on climate change, countering the president, who recently said he believes humans aren’t the main driver of climate change. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee is likely to “maintain a really strong emphasis on Earth science,” panel member Don Beyer, a Virginia Democrat, told us, adding that “it was NASA that figured out that climate change was an issue in the first place.” Johnson pledged this week to “restore the credibility of the Science Committee as a place where science is respected and recognized as a crucial input to good policymaking.” Needless to say, the environmental lobby was crowing in anticipation of the new leadership.

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Letter to voters by Congressman Don Beyer

Representing the people of Virginia’s 8th congressional district is a wonderful responsibility, and I thank you for twice electing me to the US House. I ask again for your vote this November.

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