Beyer Denounces Trump Tweets Telling Congresswomen To ‘Go Back’ To Their Home Countries

Pres. Trump is a virulent, dangerous racist. We must dedicate ourselves to defeating him in November 2020.

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To Beat the Gerrymander, Think Outside the Lines

The Fair Representation Act, proposed in the House by Virginia Democrat Don Beyer, would fix this. Beyer would replace our winner-take-all system with a fairer proportional representation system that would allow every vote to matter and everyone to win their fair share of seats. It calls for ranked-choice voting to elect House members, combined with moderately larger districts of three, four, or five representatives along the lines of ones used widely in state and local elections. These two reforms, together, would mean that a minority of 25 to 40 percent would get at least some representation as opposed to being totally shut out. This electoral system has worked well for decades both around the world and in a growing number of American cities and towns.

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Ways and Means Committee advances Beyer healthcare legislation

My healthcare bill, which focuses on maternal mortality, mental health, and substance abuse, will help to address some of the country’s most pressing public health crises.

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Rep. Beyer Introduces ‘No Hate’ Act

“The rise in hate crimes in the United States has reached epidemic proportions in the last few years, and we need law enforcement to have every possible tool to stop it,” said Beyer. “By tracking and reporting incidents of hate crimes nationwide, we can know whether we are making progress towards their prevention. I thank my colleague, Rep. Olson, for his leadership; this legislation has a real chance to move forward.”

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