Beyer: Trump reversal on Clean Power Plan “betrayal of the public trust”

Pres. Trump teamed up with his friends in the fossil fuel industry to release a plan that would open the floodgates to more carbon pollution across the country.

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Alexandria Housing Development Corporation to break ground on The Bloom, new Carpenter’s Shelter

The new Alexandria Housing Development Corporation development, which will include nearly 100 units of affordable housing and a new Carpenter’s Shelter, will break ground on Aug. 29. The development, built on the longtime First Street location of the Carpenter’s Shelter, will include 97 units of affordable housing called The Bloom and a new shelter. The building will also have underground parking, a 1,600-square-foot produce garden, a playground and space for community gatherings.

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Endorsement from Giffords

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Giffords for my work on legislation to prevent gun violence.

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DC Area Congressman Reacts to the ‘Unite the Right’ Rally

Listen to my interview about yesterday's protests.

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