Teens hold ‘lie-in’ outside White House to demand gun reform

"Historically, it's the old people that participate in the elections and do all the volunteering, so this was great," he added. "And hopefully it portends a sea change in our attitude toward gun safety legislation."

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Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets around U.S.

Trump wants to sell out the entire country to private corporations. He plans to start in Northern Virginia.

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Beyer: I would fire White House chief of staff for keeping Rob Porter

I would fire my chief of staff if he kept staff secretary Rob Porter as a White House aide despite knowing about abuse allegations against him.

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A year ago we protested against Trump’s xenophobia and bigotry. That fight is more important

The beginning of the president’s first year in office was marked with his attempt to ban many Muslims from entering the country. Now his second year has begun with a concerted push to deport, potentially, millions of people. Donald Trump is not going to change, and it is up to those of us who oppose bigotry to take him at his word, and fight.

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