Beyer’s amendment forces FAA and DOD to do airspace traffic study on Osprey flights in Northern Virginia

"This is Northern Virginia; it's not the Green Zone," said Rep. Beyer. It literally took an act of Congress to file a noise complaint with the Pentagon.

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Dedicated Funding Stream For Metro? Probably Not This Year, Lawmakers Say

“We talked about both the need for a greater operating subsidy and also using all of our political friendships and connections to catalyze, not by ourselves, a long-term funding stream from the greater region,” Beyer said. The options include a federal subsidy or a regional tax, lawmakers said.

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Virginia voter registration outpacing 2012 levels

Almost 35 percent more people have registered to vote in Virginia in the first three months of 2016 than in the first three months of 2012, according to election data released Tuesday by the Virginia Department of Elections.

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Members Of Congress Urge State Department To Continue Pressure On Egyptian Officials

The State Dept must pressure Egyptian officials to stop harassing the media and human rights organizations.

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