Bi-Partisan Beyer-Whittman Bill Protects DHS Employees’ Pay

Congressman Don Beyer introduced the bipartisan DHS Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act today to ensure that all federal Department of Homeland Security employees receive retroactive pay if there is a shutdown, regardless of furlough status.

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Beyer Joins Clean Bill To Keep Department Of Homeland Security Open

Rep. Beyer cosponsored H.R. 861 yesterday to avert a DHS shutdown and provide long-term funding to the Department of Homeland Security

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Don Beyer Introduces First Legislation

The Keeping All Students Safe Act Would Protect Minority and Disabled Students Most at Risk

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Don Beyer supports efforts to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism on U.S. soil

Don Beyer cosponsored H.R. 861 to continue funding the Department of Homeland Security through the end of the fiscal year.

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