Our First Idea

Yesterday, I announced the first of our 8 Ideas in the 8th. I shared details with a group of supporters about what I hope to be the beginning of my congressional agenda: specific goals on gun safety. Gun violence in the United States is an epidemic. 30,000 gun deaths each year is 30,000 too many.

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Don Beyer Announces Policy Goals on Gun Safety

Former Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer today announced that he will work to strengthen three specific gun safety laws once elected to Congress. Beyer, the Democratic nominee in Virginia’s 8th congressional district, made the commitments as the first chapter of “Eight Ideas in the Eighth,” a weekly countdown of policy ideas leading to Election Day on November 4th.

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on Labor Day

Today has three different meanings for me. The first Labor Day is that celebration of all that Organized Labor - our women and men who have come together in unions - have done for every American. From the 40-hour workweek and the eight-hour workday, to the ability to negotiate a living wage, and the opportunity to retire someday without living in poverty. The quality of life we enjoy in America today was earned, one day at a time, by the men and women of our labor unions. We owe them not just celebration, but thanksgiving.

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Separate but Equal: 75th Anniversary of the Alexandria Library Sit-In

Friends, I want to write to you today about an important event in Alexandria’s history. On this day in 1939, an African-American lawyer, Samuel Tucker, organized a sit-in at Alexandria’s sole library, which at the time was open only to whites. Six black men entered the library, quietly took a book from the shelves, and sat down to read. They were arrested. True change takes courage and time, and some progress comes slowly.

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