2nd Ad: Won’t Give Up


Don and I are so proud to share with you our second campaign commercial!

Please click here to watch:

When NRA President Charlton Heston came to Virginia to campaign against Don, I wasn’t worried.  I know that Don would never back down on his principles – gun safety and preventing gun violence is just too important. We need someone like Don to continue standing up to the NRA in Congress.

The ad has hit the airwaves, but we need your help to keep it going.  Can you contribute $27 right now to help us fund our ads for these last 27 days?

We all agree we need commonsense, preventive laws, like comprehensive background checks, closing the gun show loophole, and banning high capacity magazines.  Now we just need Don in Congress to bring people together and stand up to the gun lobby to say enough is enough.

Please make your most generous contribution today to ensure our message is heard loud and clear.

Thank you for all your help for Don and this campaign.


P.S. The primary just 27 days away and the fundraising deadline next week. We need your help to make sure this ad is seen across the district.  Please click here to chip in today!