My 40th Anniversary in Business – Thank You Satish Korpe

This last Thursday I celebrated my 40th anniversary in business in Northern Virginia.

May 15, 1974, I was hired as a parts driver. When my friends from college, headed off to law school or medical school, asked me why I chose to stay in business – to work on cars, and eventually to sell cars to families – I always told them the same thing, “every single day I see exactly how much the small things I do affect the lives of those I work for.”

Helping someone get to work, take their kids to school and soccer practice, get to the grocery store, or find that safe and affordable first car for their son or daughter is such a unique opportunity to directly affect the lives of people in our community.

Throughout my time in business, I’m proud that – through 6 recessions – I’ve made payroll every other Friday. I’m proud that I am able to offer paid maternity leave and take care of the people who work so hard in many of the same jobs I held on my way to where I am today. I’m also proud more than half of our employees were born overseas and I’ve had the opportunity to sponsor many on their way to full citizenship.

I’m the only businessman in this race now and I’m honored to have the endorsements of businessman Satish Korpe and Delegate Charniele Herring. My experience in the family business has been a labor of love and I look forward to taking that experience to Congress.

Thank you,

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