50 Days

I have often recounted the personal history of my hero and grandmother, Clara Beyer, who spent her very long (98) life in public service to others.

The sixth daughter of Danish immigrant farmers, she worked her way through Berkeley in 1915, taught economics at Bryn Mawr and Columbia, and spent 50 years in our Federal Government. She worked at the US Department of Labor, first leading the Children’s Bureau, then organizing and leading the Bureau of Labor Standards. At age 65, Clara signed on with USAID, and spent another 15 years traveling the globe, helping focus our international training efforts on women in developing countries.

Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980 made her so angry — the rollback of so many policies she had worked her whole life to establish — she decided to live another ten years.

A few years ago, I was sorting through a box of her papers and came across a $50 cancelled check, dated 1964, made out to “Gus Johnson for Congress.” She had scribbled, “work hard – we need you” on the memo line.

My grandmother understood how important it is for each of us to be committed to political change.

That was 50 years ago.

Today, 50 days remain until the Democratic primary on June 10.  

And I will be grateful for your $50 investment in our campaign to offer proven, principled, and progressive leadership in the US Congress for years to come.

Thank you!  Our campaign team is growing by leaps and bounds — a full office every day, with the most spirited volunteers. We ARE all working hard, and now we just need you.

Clara Beyer has inspired my family and me for decades. Your generosity inspires us all today.

Thanks, and happy spring!