David Axelrod Endorses Don Beyer

May 20, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) – Presidential adviser David Axelrod today released a video endorsing Don Beyer for Congress, joining a group of top Obama advisers who have announced their support for the former Lieutenant Governor.

“Don is a great public official, a great progressive champion … it is with great enthusiasm that I say that I’m for Don Beyer for Congress,” Axelrod says in the two-minute video, noting that he’s known Don since 2007 when Beyer and his family “were trudging around the snows of Iowa, working to elect a young senator named Barack Obama president of the United States.”

Watch the video of Axelrod’s comments here.

Axelrod’s endorsement comes the same week that the Beyer campaign is throwing an Obama Alums Happy Hour, showing the support of many members of the President’s team. The Obama event, which takes place Thursday at Arlington’s Café Asia, includes former Obama Chief of Staff Pete Rouse, former Obama domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes, Jim Messina, who was the Obama campaign manager in 2012, and Julianna Smoot, former White House Social Secretary and 2012 deputy campaign manager.

Axelrod, who was an architect of both of Obama’s presidential runs, was a senior White House adviser to President Obama, as well as a senior adviser to President Clinton.

“I am very honored to hear these words from David Axelrod and to have his support,” said Beyer. “I would do my utmost in Congress to continue his and the President’s work on health care, environmental protections, helping the middle class and so many other critical issues.”