David Plouffe: Let’s do it for Don


I’m reaching out to you today because there’s an important election in Virginia on Tuesday, and I know a thing or two about important elections.

Jim Moran’s retirement could leave a void of seniority and experience in Northern Virginia.  We can’t let that happen.  We worked hard to get President Obama elected, winning Virginia twice, because we know that to affect progressive policy, it takes a leader with a proven record.  Someone with a deep understanding of local and international issues.  Someone who will support fellow Democrats. Someone who stands by their principles while bringing people together to get things done.

Someone like Don Beyer.

I had the privilege to work closely with Don and I just got off the phone with him – things are looking great.  We’re expecting good turnout on Tuesday and we need every vote we can get for Don.  Will you commit to vote for Don on Tuesday?

We all have busy lives – it’s important to make a plan.  Will you vote on the way to work?  Will you drop by during your lunch break?  After you pick up the kids from practice?  On the way to the grocery store before dinner? Click here and let the team know when to expect you at the polls!

We go to the polls in 6 days, which is why I’m asking you to continue funding this campaign.  It’s why I’m asking you to sign up to knock doors this weekend and to keep forwarding these emails to your friends.

With your help, we can get Don to Congress, where he can continue helping the President do the work we so desperately need.

Keep up the great work – let’s get this done for Don.  He’ll make us all proud in Congress.

Thank you,

David Plouffe

Senior Advisor and Campaign Manager | President Barack Obama

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