Don Beyer Announces Policy Goals on Gun Safety

September 11, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) – Former Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer today announced that he will work to strengthen three specific gun safety laws once elected to Congress.

Beyer, the Democratic nominee in Virginia’s 8th congressional district, made the commitments as the first chapter of “Eight Ideas in the Eighth,” a weekly countdown of policy ideas leading to Election Day on November 4th.

With a group of supporters at Beyer campaign headquarters in Huntington, Va., the former ambassador laid out three ways to keep firearms from potentially dangerous people:

· The federal firearms prohibition should extend to people who are convicted of a violent misdemeanor;

· The federal prohibition against firearm possession by anyone guilty of domestic violence should extend to intimate partners or former intimate partners who are not cohabiting or have not cohabitated with that partner (as recommended by Sen. Amy Klobuchar in S. 1290);

· Congress should encourage states to pass laws that enable family members or law enforcement officials to petition judges for a gun violence restraining order on a person they believe to be dangerous. California has such a bill pending the Governor Jerry Brown’s signature, and U.S. Rep. Lois Capps, together with the U.S. senators from California, have legislation to provide a federal grant program to incentivize such state legislation.

“Gun violence in the United States is an epidemic,” Beyer said. “We must do more to keep firearms out of the hands of people who have already committed violent acts, and we must help families and law enforcement when they believe someone is on the verge of violence. We will keep pressing on these issues and we will save lives.”