Don Beyer Honored to Receive Endorsement of Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, NAR, VAR, NEA, VEA, and J Street PAC

August 20, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) — Former Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer’s momentum to Congress continues to build, as major environmental, labor and advocacy organizations have announced their endorsement of him in recent days.
The Sierra Club, one of the nation’s preeminent environmental organizations with 1.4 million members, announced its endorsement this week. 
Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said in a letter to Don, the “Club’s National Political Team and the Virginia Chapter are pleased to support your campaign in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting America’s environment… We look forward to working with you to protect America’s air, water and land for our families and our future.”
The Sierra Club endorsement comes just days after the receiving the endorsement of the Virginia American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO).

“I am honored to have the endorsement of the AFL-CIO,” said Beyer. “Unions like the AFL-CIO built this country – its 1.6 million members are the backbone of America.”

Last week, Beyer was honored to receive the endorsement of the Virginia Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. President of the Virginia Association of Realtors, Brad Boland, said, “Jim Moran was a stalwart for the real-estate industry, and we know Don Beyer stands ready to continue that relationship. He has the experience to hit the ground running on important issues.”

“Realtors, by nature, think in terms of communities,” said Beyer, “They don’t just market property; they market the neighborhoods, the businesses and all of the facets of the 8th district we call home. I look forward to working with Realtors to ensure we continue the recovery we have started.”

Lt. Gov. Beyer has also received the endorsement of J Street PAC, the National Education Association (NEA) Fund Council and Virginia Education Association (VEA) Fund for Children and Public Education.

“Don Beyer has proven his support for children and our public schools throughout his distinguished career,” said Meg Gruber, President of VEA and chair of the VEA Fund. “During his tenure as Virginia Lieutenant Governor, Don worked closely with the VEA and the education community to do his best for public education,” Gruber continued, “In addition, his experiences as a successful business leader and as a U.S. Ambassador assure that he will hit the ground running as the next Representative of Congressional District 8.”

The Sierra Club, Virginia AFL-CIO, National and Virginia Associations of Realtors, National and Virginia Education Associations, and J Street PAC join a long list of organizations and individuals endorsing former Lieutenant Governor Beyer, including Howard Dean, Bill Richardson, David Axelrod, The Humane Society, and the Council for a Livable World/PeacePAC.

Don Beyer is the Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 8th District seat in Congress. He has run a successful Northern Virginia business for over 40 years, served two terms as Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, and was appointed President Obama’s Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


The Sierra Club, The Humane Society Legislative Fund, Governor Howard Dean, Virginia AFL-CIO, National and Virginia Education Associations, Governor Bill Richardson, National and Virginia Associations of Realtors, The Council for a Livable World – PeacePAC, Governor Madeleine Kunin, J Street PAC, and The New Democrat Coalition PAC.



Tia Shuyler

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