Don Beyer Launches TV Ad About Climate Change

May 21, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) – Don Beyer’s newest television ad, which airs tomorrow, addresses the urgency of climate change and the former Lieutenant Governor’s intent to introduce a progressive carbon tax as part of the solution.

Climate change “is a crisis and requires leadership,” Beyer says to the camera.  “That’s why I support a carbon tax – the best solution for controlling greenhouse gases.”

In the ad, “For Them,” Beyer is surrounded by children who also speak of their hope for clean air, clean water and the injustice of pollution without a penalty to the polluters.

“It’s not fair,” says one girl.  “If someone pollutes our planet, they should pay for it,” says another.

“For Them” is the third cable television ad launched by the Beyer campaign in anticipation of the June 10 Democratic primary.

A list of the organizations and individuals endorsing Beyer can be found here.