Our First Idea

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Yesterday I announced the first of our 8 Ideas in the 8th.

I shared details with a group of supporters about what I hope to be the beginning of my congressional agenda: specific goals on gun safety.

Gun violence in the United States is an epidemic. 30,000 gun deaths each year is 30,000 too many.

I have three goals that I hope to work on for new federal and state policy on gun safety. First, I want to keep guns from people who commit violent misdemeanors. Second, to keep guns from abusive boyfriends and girlfriends, even if they are not living with their intimate partner, and third, to allow family members or law enforcement officials to petition judges to keep guns away from the person they know is in crisis or on the verge of violence.

I ask you to help me push for these gun sense laws – please sign our petition to show that you stand with me.

I will push for new ideas and progress on gun safety and the many other pressing needs in Virginia and the United States.

I hope you will join me, and share this email and our ideas with your friends.

The time to act is now. Please stand with me, and together we can end the epidemic.

Thank you,


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