My friend Don – A Letter from Howard Dean

Dear Friend,

For years we’ve watched and worried about the state of our politics and asked ourselves why we can’t have more progressives with real vision and real spine in Washington.  If we mean it, now’s the time to act.  My friend Don Beyer, who has as much vision and willingness to fight for his principles as anyone I’ve come across in public life, is running for Congress in Northern Virginia.  And he needs our help.

Today is a critical fundraising deadline for my friend Don. Help get Don into the House of Representatives by making a contribution now.

If we mean what we say about changing this country and standing up to the special interests, narrow ideology and downright greed that have been holding our country back, we’ve got to put our money where our mouth is.

Please follow my lead and help Don with whatever you can contribute.

Don is not one of those politicians we’ve seen too much of – the kind who tells one thing to one group and another thing to somebody else. You know him the same way I do – someone who is in public life as a matter of public service, to do big things – to help improve and protect the Affordable Care Act, to get an increase in the minimum wage, to protect women’s reproductive rights, and to pass environmental policies to stop the forces of climate change.

I’ve never been one to be quiet when something needs my attention.  I want you to raise your voice, too.  Now.  For Don.  He’ll fight for President Obama’s agenda and for what’s best for this country.  He’ll work to find solutions and get things done.

Please join me today in helping make Don the next Congressman from Virginia’s 8th district.  Make a contribution to help him out today.

Thanks for standing with Don,

Howard Dean