Howard Dean & Don Beyer Host Arlington Picnic in the Rain


Contact:  Ann O’Hanlon,

April 15, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) – Former presidential candidate Howard Dean joined hundreds of supporters in Arlington tonight to endorse Don Beyer, the Virginia Chair of his presidential bid, in Beyer’s campaign for Congress.

“Don’s record on numerous causes, including economic inequality, equal rights and environmental protection is exceptional,” Dean said.  “His track record, diplomacy and work ethic are exactly what the U.S. Congress needs.”

Dean, who arrived and left via the East Falls Church Metro, was the most progressive of the Democratic candidates in a hotly contested race for the presidential nomination in 2004. His appeal to “Take Our Country Back” from the Bush Administration returned democracy to the grassroots and created a movement that inspired legions of young voters. Dean’s progressive campaign platform included a strong opposition to the Iraq war, early support for gay marriage and support for universal health care.

“With the Governor, it’s about the issues and the people, not about himself,” Beyer said.  “I’m honored to be here in Arlington with him tonight and to have his support.  And as a Congressman, I would work to further these same causes — equality for all, reproductive rights and combatting climate change.”

The “Sleepless Spring” picnic with hot dogs and beer – echoing 2003’s “Sleepless Summer” tour — defied the spring downpour.  Supporters from first-time voters to retirees thronged to the Overlee Community Association in the heart of Arlington last night, trotting out their 2004 Dean t-shirts and other campaign memorabilia.

Beyer, a two-term Lieutenant Governor, is a third-generation northern Virginian.   His endorsements include former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, Virginia state Senator Toddy Puller, and the Falls Church News Press.