Howard Dean Endorses Don Beyer for Congress

Howard Dean Returns to Northern Virginia to Endorse Don Beyer

March 12, 2014 (Fairfax County, Va.) – Former presidential candidate Howard Dean will return to Northern Virginia on April 15th to announce he is endorsing Don Beyer in his bid for Virginia’s 8th District seat in Congress.

“Don’s record on progressive causes, including income inequality, job creation and environmental protection is unparalleled,” Dean said.  “His track record, diplomacy and work ethic are exactly what the U.S. Congress needs.”

Former Vermont Governor Dean was one of the most progressive of the Democratic candidates in a hotly contested race for the presidential nomination in 2004. His appeal to “Take Our Country Back” from the Bush Administration created a movement that inspired legions of young voters. Dean’s progressive campaign platform included a strong opposition to the Iraq war, early support for gay marriage and support for universal health care.

Beyer served as Dean’s National Treasurer, helping pioneer small online political donations. He was part of Dean’s national kitchen cabinet and Virginia Chair.

“I will never forget arriving with the Governor at Cherry Hill Park in August 2003 and seeing throngs of young people,” Beyer said. “It was one of the most inspiring days of my political life — you could see the power of a broader swath of voters becoming engaged.”

Beyer, a two-term Lieutenant Governor, is a third-generation northern Virginian.   During his tenure as Lieutenant Governor, he was a leader on rights for Virginians with sensory and physical disabilities, chaired the state’s Poverty Commission, which helped increase enforcement against deadbeat dads, and pushed repeatedly for women’s reproductive and economic freedoms.

Beyer and his family have deep roots in Northern Virginia, with longstanding relationships with United Community Ministries and the Appalachian Trail Club, among others. For fourteen years, Don chaired Jobs for Virginia Graduates, the state’s most successful high school dropout prevention program.  And he spent three years as president of Youth forTomorrow, a home for troubled adolescents founded by Redskins coach Joe Gibbs.

Dean’s endorsement is the third major endorsement for the Beyer congressional campaign. Governor Dean’s support of Beyer follows the Council for a Livable World’s PeacePAC endorsement, and an endorsement by the Richmond Times Dispatch.

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