From Kate Michelman

Dear Fellow Woman for Beyer,

Don has always been an advocate for women. In 1989, when nary a candidate in Virginia wanted to talk about reproductive rights, Don Beyer asked me to come campaign with him on choice.

When he won the Lieutenant Governorship, he was our stalwart ally for 8 years, casting tie vote after tie vote to keep onerous and intrusive policies at bay. He was always there when we needed him.

Now Don needs us.

As the former President of NARAL and one of the founders of Women for Beyer, I am asking you to get out the vote for Don on Tuesday. This is what we need to do: Please call FIVE of your friends this weekend to encourage them to vote for Don on Tuesday. If each of our group, 500 strong, reaches out to just five friends, we will reach 2500 voters. That’s a good portion of the electorate. It can make a huge difference.

Don will protect reproductive rights, fight for equal pay, and support expanding family and medical leave. But he needs your help first. These next few days, pull out your phones and make those calls.

It has been a great campaign that started with a group of us joining Don to launch Women for Beyer many months ago. It is up to us. Let’s bring this election home for Don.

Kate Michelman
President Emeritus, NARAL

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