Let’s Celebrate!

Dear Friend,

Once a year we gather together to celebrate the day that a generation of men stood up against tyranny and oppression to state in one Declaration that they would no longer accept being treated as anything but equal.

Through the signing of the Declaration of Independence on that day, 238 years ago, those men became the founders of a new nation and a new idea.

On this day every year, we celebrate the freedom, rights, and opportunities afforded us by the words written in that document with parades, fireworks, food, and family.

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Long after the parade is over, the hot dogs are gone, the fireworks faded, and the family braced for holiday traffic, the American celebration continues.

We are so lucky – to be able to fight together and equally, for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness – to live and work and play here, where every chance to exercise our rights is cause for celebration.

As we work toward the election in November, we are so excited to share the celebration with you.

Thank you and Happy Independence Day!

Team Beyer