I am so happy to let you know that this morning Don accepted the endorsement of the National Education Association (NEA) Fund Council and the Virginia Education Association (VEA) Fund for Children and Public Education.

For as long as he has had the chance to serve, Don has worked to improve the quality and accessibility of education for all of Virginia’s students. 

The President of VEA and chair of the VEA Fund, Meg Gruber, was so kind in her letter to let us know about the endorsement:

“Don Beyer has proven his support for children and our public schools throughout his distinguished career. During his tenure as Virginia’s Lt. Governor, Don worked closely with the VEA and the education community to do his best for public education. He continued his service to students as Chair of the Board of Directors of Jobs for Virginia’s Graduates. This, plus his experience as a successful business leader and U.S. Ambassador, assure that he will hit the ground running as the next Representative of Virginia’s 8th District.”

Don is so excited to work with the VEA and NEA to tackle this important issue on the campaign trail, and – with your help – in the House.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Ann O’Hanlon
Campaign Manager
Friends of Don Beyer

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