Beyer wins first straw poll in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District race

Saturday’s straw poll was the first of the season, and though it’s neither representative nor official, “it’s an early indication of strength, organization and appeal,” Beyer said.

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Beyer Wins First Democratic Primary Straw Poll

Former Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer won tonight’s straw poll of the Democratic candidates for Congress in Virginia’s 8th district, handily defeating the 10 other contenders at the annual Mardi Gras festivity, organized by the Mount Vernon District Democratic Committee.

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Video: Don Beyer’s ‘Cups’ Campaign Song

Former Virginia Lt. Gov. Don Beyer, one of the nearly dozen Democrats running for the congressional seat of Rep. Jim Moran (D), will be holding a campaign kickoff event this weekend. In advance of the event, Beyer’s campaign released a music video — a campaign song based on the Anna Kendrick hit “Cups.” Performed in the video by middle schoolers Mae and John Keating, the children of friends of the Beyer family, the “Blue Cup Song” will also be performed live at Beyer’s kickoff event.

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Beyer Kicks Off Bid to Replace Moran in F.C., Total of 11 Candidates So Far

He assembled a large contingent of powerful and influential women to join him at his kick-off event here Monday, speaking to his commitment to full equality, including income equality, for all. One speaker, business owner LuAnn Bennett, formerly married to Moran, touted what Beyer’s own experience as a successful business owner would bring to his job. At an event in the home of former State Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple in North Arlington Saturday, Beyer was introduced by a long-partnered gay couple, again underscoring his commitment to full equality for all. Lynda Robb, daughter of former U.S. president Lyndon Johnson, was also there.

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