Our Third Idea


It’s time to tell you about the next of our Ideas in the 8th!

Two weeks ago, we started our eight-week countdown to Election Day, highlighting each week a policy idea that I will pursue if elected to Virginia’s 8th district. 

This idea is long past overdue: It is time the United States ends animal testing for cosmetics products.

This practice is cruel and inhumane. In addition, Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to it and support legislation to end this testing. Not only is this an outmoded practice; it can fail to even accurately determine whether a product is actually safe for human use.

The European Union banned the use of animal tests for cosmetics over a year ago. As a result, many U.S. companies no longer use animal testing because they want to meet E.U. standards.

Rep. Jim Moran, who I hope to succeed if elected on November 4th, introduced this legislation just months ago, working in conjunction with the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF). I have been in touch with both Rep. Moran and the HSLF, who endorsed me in this race. Both will work with me to help us succeed in this effort next year.

Even though many U.S. companies are already doing the right thing, this practice should be outlawed, both to ensure best practices and to require that imported cosmetics meet this standard. It will also help pressure other nations to follow suit. Today, India, Brazil and China are making great strides in this area too. The United States must be a world leader and not a follower.

Please join me today by signing this pledge with the Humane Society Legislative Fund.  Together we can help the world be that much kinder.


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