Toddy Puller Endorses Don Beyer for Congress

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to announce my support for Don Beyer for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Don has record of proven leadership. I believe he is best suited to serve the people of Fairfax, Falls Church, Arlington, and Alexandria from Day One.

Don will be a critical ally for access to health care and reproductive rights. The Virginia Senate has seen a deluge of bills chipping away at women’s choices—for themselves and their families.  While presiding over the Senate as Lt. Governor, Don blocked anti-woman legislation dozens of times.  He knows how important it is to be vigilant.

Don is also a strong supporter of non-discrimination in the workplace. Don knows that when women are given equal opportunity, businesses, families and our communities thrive.  I respect Don for putting this principle into practice.  His auto business is one of the few in the country to offer paid maternity leave.

I appreciate Don’s work for Virginians with disabilities.  He created the Disability Commission, and was chairman for eight years. As a current member of the Disability Commission, and chair of the Senate Rehabilitation & Social Services Committee, I value his commitment to improving the lives of those living with disabilities.

I ask you to join me in supporting Don Beyer. The best choice for the 8th.

Toddy Puller

Senator, Virginia’s 36th Senate District