Top Obama Aides Support Don Beyer

May 5, 2014 (Alexandria, VA) – Top architects of President Barack Obama’s successful campaigns and close advisors to President Obama are throwing their support behind former Virginia Lieutenant Governor Don Beyer’s congressional bid in Virginia’s 8th district.

Pete Rouse, Jim Messina and Julianna Smoot are endorsing Beyer and hosting a fundraising event for grassroots supporters of the campaign later this month in Arlington, Virginia.

Rouse is former Chief of Staff to President Obama, and one of the President’s most trusted advisors. Rouse worked with President Obama before his first election, serving as Chief of Staff to then-Senator Obama. “Don’s brand of principled leadership is very needed in Congress today,” Rouse said. “He has proven ability to break down the gridlock in the House to help the President with his agenda. His combination of state, federal and international experience makes Don a heavyweight in Congress from day one.”

Messina was the campaign manager for the successful 2012 presidential campaign and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff.  Smoot is the former White House Social Secretary, Inaugural Committee Chairman and 2012 deputy campaign manager.  “Don is that rare candidate who has mastered foreign and domestic policy and has the experience and track record to work the legislative side to accomplish policy goals,” Messina said.

“I am very humbled to get the support of President Obama’s trusted team,” Beyer said. “These are my heroes:  the people who have fought alongside the President for affordable health care, immigration reform, environmental protection, consumer protection, and an economy that’s fair and rewards hard work.”

Support from the Obama team comes as former Lieutenant Governor Beyer, who was appointed Ambassador to Switzerland by Obama, is campaigning for the President’s agenda, including the proposed minimum wage hike and the Affordable Care Act.

Beyer’s radio presence in the run-up to the June 10 primary begins tomorrow and promotes Obamacare, which now boasts 9 million subscribers. The ad begins with an excerpt from President Obama’s Rose Garden address last month.

“The debate over repealing this law is over,” Obama says.  “The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”  Beyer’s voice comes on, vowing to “fight all efforts to repeal the healthcare law, because making sure millions of Americans get affordable healthcare is the right thing to do.”

The Messina/Rouse/Smoot event takes place May 22 at Café Asia in Arlington.  For more information, please contact John Moffett at