On the Trail Again


Among the epic adventures of my life has been section-hiking the Appalachian Trail. While I’m only halfway through, with over 1,058 miles left to hike, I welcomed the interruption to campaign for the 8th District Congressional seat. The June 10 Primary was an important junction on the far more important Campaign Trail.

Thank you for all of your support — and votes!

As of today, we only have 100 days until the November 4 election. 100 days to campaign, to meet, talk and listen to as many of the voters of Northern Virginia as we possibly can.

The best part of hiking the AT with friends is the opportunity to share stories, experiences, and ideas. On the campaign trail, I have been privileged and delighted to learn your ideas and hopes. We have talked about overcoming climate change, about creating new jobs, and about finding a path to commonsense gun safety laws. I want to continue this conversation, about these and many other important challenges, for the next 100 days and for years to come.

Whether it’s the campaign trail or the Appalachian Trail, it’s all about whom you take along.

St. Augustine wrote, Solvitur Ambulando: Walking solves everything. Come walk with me these next 100 days and let’s put together real solutions that we can fight for and make happen.

Thank you. On to Mount Katahdin, and November 4!


p.s. Please share this with your friends – the more the better on this, and every Trail!

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