Lawmakers are working to ensure that what happened with Pruitt never happens again

The EPA OIG has previously expressed that a lack of funding is preventing the watchdog from investigating Pruitt’s scandals. An amendment proposed by Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) would reduce the Department of Interior’s Office of the Secretary by $1 million and increase the EPA OIG budget by the same amount.

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Va. congressman introduces measure to fund Park Police body camera program

“While we are still awaiting answers in Bijan’s case, we know that our local community and Interior’s law enforcement officers want Interior to join the modern policing age and ensure its uniformed law enforcement officers have body cameras,” Beyer said in a statement on the amendment.

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Don Beyer statement on Trump-Putin summit

“Donald Trump’s performance at his summit with Putin today was the most astonishing display of weakness and submission that I have ever seen from an American President. Trump’s refusal to side with U.S. intelligence and law enforcement instead of a man who ordered attacks on our elections and is an enemy of human rights around the globe should have been shocking. Yet, tragically, this was more of the same self-serving fecklessness that we’ve seen time and again from President Trump. "

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Environmentalists Are Glad Pruitt Is Out but Worry What’s Next

The ascension of Wheeler means that we’ll likely have “a continuation of the same bad policies [as Pruitt] but with a lot more political sensibility,” Beyer previously told Eos. “I wouldn’t expect that he’s going to suddenly become a champion for a stronger Clean Water Act and a stronger Clean Air Act. He’s still going to follow that deregulatory process that is under way right now.”

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