Please Vote Today

Growing up, I was taught that we are each put on this Earth to build something larger than ourselves and to serve others. Over the last ten months, I have had the incredible opportunity to fight for the chance to serve you as your representative in Congress. I know you've had dozens (if not hundreds!) of phone calls, emails, and door knocks, from me, my staff, and our amazing volunteers. I thank you for taking the time to listen, read, and respond. We've been reaching out to you about today's election for three reasons.

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Our Eighth Idea

Each of the last eight weeks, we have proposed a sensible policy idea. Eight ideas in the 8th! These ideas included gun safety, humane treatment of animals, government assistance for education and to lift people out of poverty, Supreme Court term limits, and green cards for Ph.D.s in the math, science, and technology fields. Your feedback has been thoughtful and inspirational. With election day just around the corner, it is time for our 8th idea!

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Our Endorsements!

I am so proud to share with you the full list of our endorsements. On Friday the Washington Post said, "A strong and experienced Democratic candidate emerged from last spring’s party primary: former lieutenant governor Don Beyer. He would make a fine member of Congress, and we support him." Your support that has made all of this possible. You were with me through the primary, and I know that you will stand with me for the next 8 days, and -- if I am lucky enough to be elected -- far beyond.

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Our Seventh Idea

I promised you a policy idea each of the last eight weeks of the campaign: 8 Ideas in the Eighth!With just 11 days left, it is time for Idea #7. We should expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), one of the United States’ most impressive and successful anti-poverty programs.

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