NTSB: Metro has had a ‘severe learning disability’ when it comes to improving safety

"My instinct is that [Transportation] Secretary [Anthony] Foxx made the decision to avoid internal battles, and I respect that. I think if it doesn’t work in six months, a year, we can always change that," said Rep. Beyer.

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Interesting TEDx talk on successes in Richmond’s East End

Danny Avula is a husband, father and doctor, and he has spent the last 10 years of his life learning how to be a good neighbor in inner city Richmond.

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Beyer sharply criticizes House Committee wanting to cut Metro funding in half

"This shortsighted plan will jeopardize rider safety, derail improvements to the system, and undermine WMATA's ability to implement National Transportation Safety Board recommendations"

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Let’s end gun safety hypocrisy and pass the ATF Enforcement Act

Those who oppose gun safety legislation often contend that the president and Congress should enforce existing gun laws before considering any new ones.

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