Congressman proposes ban on Trump hotels use by U.S. government

"Donald Trump should not be allowed to line his or his family’s pockets with taxpayer dollars,” Representative Don Beyer of Virginia said in a statement.

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Man sues Congress members over pride flags, claiming being gay is a religion

“Our LGBT pride flag isn’t going anywhere. Of all the pictures and displays in my office, it draws the most consistent appreciation from constituents who visit us in DC. It is a symbol of the values we hold dear: acceptance and celebration of diversity, the fight for equality, and love. We will continue to display it proudly,” Beyer wrote on Facebook.

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Trump is cornered and could curtail the Russia investigation

Virginia Democratic Congressman Don Beyer led a group of 22 Democrats this week asking the FBI to look into whether Ivanka Trump reported all of her own and her family members’ meetings with representatives of foreign governments. Legally, she was required to mention her brother Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

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Rep. Donald Beyer on why he dislikes the president — and what he would tell him

If he invited you to the White House for lunch, what would you talk about?

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