House Votes Once Again Against Carbon Tax Proposals

Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) said the carbon tax resolution was designed to stifle any debate on what many economists argue is the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “It is short-term thinking and economic folly” to ignore environmentally beneficial ways of raising much-needed revenue, Beyer said. “A carbon tax should, in fact, increase the cost of fossil fuel,” he said. But it would also drive down the cost of renewable energy sources “and perhaps, even nuclear” power, he said.

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behind the scenes at the house sit-in

By turning off cameras, House Republicans pulled a move we normally see in oppressive governments in Syria, Iraq, and Russia.

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Video: Rep. Beyer’s 4am speech During house gun Sit-In

There are a number of measures we can take that will save lives without changing any gun laws.

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Video: Rep. Beyer’s 9pm speech During house gun Sit-In

I know too many people who committed suicide using a gun. With a gun, there is no second chance.

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