The Republican (Anti-)Environmental Agenda

If you want to get a sense of what Republican Congressional leaders think about environmental policy, there’s no better place to start than the spending bill for environmental agencies that the House passed, largely along party lines, right before leaving town for the conventions and the rest of the summer. Maybe “think” is too strong a word; the bill exemplifies a kind of visceral, reflexive opposition to any kind of environmental progress. The bill is based on a simple strategy – identify each and every initiative to protect air, water, lands or species, and then block it. “Just say no” barely begins to describe the breadth and depth of the hostility toward environmental protection made evident by the bill.

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Kaine seen as ‘unifying figure’ for Democrats

"'Tim is a unifying figure, a healing figure. And after the eight years of divisiveness with George W. Bush and unfortunately the eight years of polarization with President Obama, we need a healer. We need somebody who can bring everyone together.'"

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congratulations, tim!

Congratulations, Tim! I could not be more thrilled that Hillary has tapped our own Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. Tim is one of the most widely admired people in Virginia -- that rare sort of politician who commands respect and admiration, even from his opponents. He is wise, patient and fair, and he boasts an extraordinary set of credentials for this position. Plus, given that the road to the White House runs through Virginia, picking Tim as her running mate is a very strategic decision by Secretary Clinton! I was already looking forward to voting for Hillary; now, I will be all the more enthusiastic on Election Day and as our country moves forward with these gifted individuals for leaders.

Episode 8: Metropocalypse Now

Riding Metro during Metropocalypse was a rough experience. I continue to push for reforms to make Metro safer, more efficient, and more pleasant.

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