Beyer applauds Virginia General Assembly for new wildlife protection bills

One of many more reasons to keep Virginia blue: the Virginia General Assembly just passed a second wildlife protection bill.

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Beyer condemns GOP bigotry against transgender people

The House passed the Equality Act, but there’s still work to do, even in Congress. My GOP colleagues are still complicit in bigotry. They even attacked transgender people on the House floor. Americans demand equality, and I pledge to do everything in my power to effect positive change.

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More than 20 guns removed from Prince William, Manassas residents so far via ‘red flag’ law

"Red flag" gun laws keep guns from owners who are at risk for hurting themselves or others. Virginia's attorney general, Mark Herring, has worked hard to keep these life-saving laws on the books, which is why I'm voting to reelect him. He will keep Virginia safe.

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Beyer speaks in support of American Rescue Plan and minimum wage increase

A rescue plan shouldn’t just keep us from falling over the edge. It shouldn’t be the bare minimum. In the American Rescue Plan, we need national vaccine rollout, school reopening, relief checks, and plans for a minimum wage increase.

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