Beyer Mourns Constituent Officer Killed in Capitol Riot

Officer Brian Sicknick gave his life in the line of duty to keep us safe. I mourn his loss, and I send my deepest condolences to his family. His murder multiplies the pain of this dark moment for our nation. Those who brought about this awful crime must be prosecuted and brought to justice.

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Frontline healthcare workers and nursing home residents eligible for vaccine in Virginia

This country's coronavirus vaccine distribution system is a mess because Trump has no plan. In Virginia, as of today, you may receive a vaccine only if you are a healthcare worker or a resident of a long-term care facility. If you're in either group, get your vaccine ASAP!

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Expanding VA Rail System

I’m a proud sponsor of the bipartisan Long Bridge Act, which will expand passenger rail service in the DC metro area and down into Richmond to make commuting easier for everyone.

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Washington-Liberty students become politically involved through school clubs and societies

I’m impressed by the political activism of young Virginians, especially those involved with the High School Democrats of America. I’m grateful for your hard work helping to elect Joe Biden, from phonebanking to inspiring your peers to register to vote and volunteer.

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