Lawmakers urge Biden to make ‘bold decisions’ in nuclear review

With President Biden’s leadership, negotiations are back to being our go-to means of diplomacy. Now, as the Biden administration begins its Nuclear Posture Review, I’m leading my colleagues in the Senate and House in calling for President Biden to reconsider the role of nuclear weapons in our international affairs.

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Rep. Beyer on Bezos launch: We’re in a competitive space race

The rocket launches of today are different from the rocket launches of 50 years ago. We’re in a new space race. Our technology has improved, but more importantly, space exploration has become a collaboration between commercial and governmental organizations.

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Beyer, Arlington County Board Recognize County First Responders for Efforts to Defend the Capitol on January 6

First responders from the Arlington County Police Department, Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office were among the first to respond to the Capitol insurrection on January 6. I’m grateful for their bravery and proud to recognize their efforts to defend our democracy.

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Beyer criticizes appointment of US Park Police chief

It is imperative that police accountability not be led by someone who tried to cover up that two US Park Police officers shot and killed an unarmed man.

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