Beyer introduces legislation to reduce suicide attempts at bridges

48,000 Americans died by suicide in 2018. Bridges with barriers and safety nets could decrease that number. The Barriers to Suicide Act that I introduced would build give localities the funding to build stronger bridges and save lives.

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Beyer’s push for body cams on US Park Police becomes a reality

After years of advocacy, body cams are finally going to be required for US Park Police.

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Beyer pushes for funding for Mars Sample Return effort

We have unimaginable information at our fingertips: the Mars Sample Return Mission should continue so that we can find it. I’m talking to other space subcommittee members about a bipartisan resolution to restate our commitment to this exploration.

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Beyer’s idea for Supreme Court term limits

Depoliticizing the Supreme Court is as simple as setting term limits: 18 year terms, with presidents nominating new justices in the first and third years of their term. The best part? The court would end up with nine justices.

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