Dozens of legal experts support Beyer’s Supreme Court term limit bill

Enacting Supreme Court term limits isn’t about packing the court. It’s about depoliticizing the nomination process. The 18-year terms proposed in my bill would advance necessary court reform. Now, we have the support of over two dozen constitutional experts.

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Beyer speaks with Scott MacFarlane of Sirius XM on importance of stimulus

I spoke with Scott MacFarlane of SiriusXM Politics about the importance of the White House setting an example for the American people in a time of crisis. I urge the administration to work toward a new stimulus bill to help Americans who are hurting.

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Trump’s executive order guts the career federal workforce

Trump just signed an executive order that will gut the career civil service. He will reclassify career employees as political appointees. That will eliminate a significant check on the political process. Employees in the career competitive service are supposed to provide consistent knowledge regardless of their political party -- and their agency head’s.

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VA Teen Dems and VA High Schoolers for Biden Rally

Excited to join VA Teen Democrats and VA High Schoolers for Biden for their rally tomorrow at 7pm to kick off the 10 days leading up to Election Day (Tue Nov 3)! Join us to learn more about how you can get involved in these last 10 days.

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