Beyer, Kaine introduce bill to address cost to local governments of police misconduct

Taxpayers pay for police misconduct -- not just with their neighbors’ lives, but with hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Rep. Beyer’s Cost of Police Misconduct Act would require local governments to report just how much police misconduct settlements are costing the public

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Beyer applauds AG Herring’s Worker Protection Unit

For years, Attorney General Mark Herring has proven he will fight for our working class. His office’s Worker Protection Unit is another important step for Virginia’s working families. I’m proud to support him for another term.

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Beyer reaffirms support for Artemis moon landing program

As the new chair of the House Science subcommittee on space and aeronautics, Congressman Beyer reaffirms his support for ongoing funding of the Artemis Program to again put people on the moon.

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Beyer has ambitious plans for the Space Policy Subcommittee

Good things are on the horizon. Perseverance landed on Mars, and I’m leading plans to restore NASA’s funding for climate crisis research and future space exploration.

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