We need Leave Rollover for All Federal Workers

The Federal Worker Leave Fairness Act that I introduced in the House will ensure that all federal employees will be able to carry over into the new year the leave that they have accumulated throughout the pandemic.

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Officer’s Charged with Manslaughter in Bijan Ghaisar Case

FINALLY. After two years, a Fairfax county grand jury has charged with manslaughter the two officers responsible for the shooting of unarmed Bijan Ghaisar. This is the first step of many to bring the justice that Bjian and his family deserve.

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We Need a Relief Bill

If Congress does not act soon, over 13 million people will be left without an income. A new COVID relief bill must be our priority.

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What’s your plan to vote for Joe Biden?

What is your plan to vote for Joe Biden? Find out where to vote at

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