Beyer expects July Vote on a Budget Plan Under $6 Trillion

Though critics may say that Congress moves slowly, I’m working with Senate Democrats to pass a budget by the end of July, giving us the funding we need to implement President Biden’s bold plans for our infrastructure and economy.

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Beyer highlights scientific advancement under Biden administration

After four years of being ignored and denounced by the Trump administration, science is back in Washington. I’m proud to chair the House Space Subcommittee as we fund scientific advancements in space technology.

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Beyer and Wittman expanding passenger rail

I am working with my Republican colleagues on an issue we agree on: expanding train service by building a bridge to carry passenger trains only.

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Beyer touts American Rescue Plan employment increases

Thanks to the hard work of President Biden and the resilience of the American people, May saw unprecedented job gains. The American Rescue Plan is working.

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