Our First Ad

The title of the ad is “Trust” because that’s something I think we have been missing from our politics lately. I want you to know that when it comes to protecting a woman’s right to choose, equal pay and treating everyone with respect, you can trust me to stand up for our values. I have a record of blocking anti-choice legislation, empowering women in my business, and as the father of three daughters, you can trust that I want them to live and thrive in a world full of equal opportunity.

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Position Paper on Israel

I am firmly and strongly committed to Israel and would make it a priority, if elected to Congress, to further its security as a Jewish, democratic and pluralistic state, as well as its close relationship and strategic partnership with the United States. The state of Israel has a profound role and responsibility in the world, both as a home for the Jewish people and as a critical anchor in the crossroads of the Middle East. The United States must do all it can to assist its ally in this role. There has not been a time in Israel’s 66-year history when this has not been true, but today – as we watch a fragile and dangerous era in the Middle East continue to unfold – it is critical that we strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship and keep Israel safe and secure.

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! I celebrated by signing up for Capital Bikeshare this morning! It's a healthy, convenient way to travel in and around Virginia's 8th District while keeping your carbon footprint down. How will you be celebrating Earth Day? My first goal, if elected to serve Virginia's 8th District, is to introduce and pass a national carbon tax to combat climate change. I also promise to fight any efforts to “frack” for natural gas in the George Washington National Forest until and unless there is sufficient information on the ability to do it without environmental damage.

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50 Days

I have often recounted the personal history of my hero and grandmother, Clara Beyer, who spent her very long (98) life in public service to others. The sixth daughter of Danish immigrant farmers, she worked her way through Berkeley in 1915, taught economics at Bryn Mawr and Columbia, and spent 50 years in our Federal Government. She worked at the US Department of Labor, first leading the Children's Bureau, then organizing and leading the Bureau of Labor Standards. At age 65, Clara signed on with USAID, and spent another 15 years traveling the globe, helping focus our international training efforts on women in developing countries.

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