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Beyer Joins Clean Bill To Keep Department Of Homeland Security Open

Don Beyer Introduces First Legislation

Don Beyer supports efforts to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism on U.S. soil

Don Beyer Stands Out Among Freshmen Members of Congress

Beyer Welcomes FCC Net Neutrality Proposal

Beyer Calls For True Equal Pay On Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Anniversary

Paid Parental Leave Legislation

Paid-Leave-photoAs you know, paid parental leave was a priority during my campaign. I have long thought that the federal government needs to take the lead in providing family friendly working environments for new parents. We shouldn’t be forcing parents to choose between their job and a newborn, especially when federal workforce recruitment is so critical. Nearly a third of our federal workers will retire in the next few years. At a time when most Fortune 500 employees already enjoy paid parental leave, federal civil service needs to be more attractive to the next generation, not less. To read more about the introduction of this legislation and the economic benefits of paid leave, please click here.

Please Vote Today

Growing up, I was taught that we are each put on this Earth to build something larger than ourselves and to serve others. Over the last ten months, I have had the incredible opportunity to fight for the chance to serve you as your representative in Congress.

I know you’ve had dozens (if not hundreds!) of phone calls, emails, and door knocks, from me, my staff, and our amazing volunteers. I thank you for taking the time to listen, read, and respond.

We’ve been reaching out to you about today’s election for three reasons.

First, because elections are important. The right to vote is a sacred and cherished right for which our nation’s founders fought. It is our luck as Americans to have the chance to choose who represents us, and it is our obligation to show up the the polls and make our voices heard.

Second, because it is important that we face the challenges of our time head-on. Climate change, income inequality, unemployment, student debt, gun violence, a too-complicated path to citizenship, discrimination and terror will not fade away if we close our eyes. Something must be done.

And, third – because I was born an incurable optimist – I believe that something can be done, and we can be the ones to do it. We have to stay resolutely optimistic, doing our damnedest, to address each and every one of these problems. Together, we can solve them. Yes, we still can and we must.

If you live in the 8th district, please commit to vote.  Wherever you live, please get your family members, your friends, your coworkers, and your long-lost cousins in the 8th to come to the polls.

Voting begins at 6:00 a.m., and remain open until 7:00 evening.

Thank you, for all you do.



Our Eighth Idea


Each of the last eight weeks, we have proposed a sensible policy idea. Eight ideas in the 8th! These ideas included gun safety, humane treatment of animals, government assistance for education and to lift people out of poverty, Supreme Court term limits, and green cards for Ph.D.s in the math, science, and technology fields. Your feedback has been thoughtful and inspirational. (Read more here.)

With election day just around the corner, it is time for our 8th idea!  And, to bring things full circle in this tenth month of the campaign, I want to reprise my very first idea — and one of the prime reasons I entered this race:  We must address the crisis of climate change, the most pressing matter we face today.  We must pass a national carbon tax.

Nine of the ten warmest years on record have been in the 21st century.  If we don’t act soon, the planet will warm eight degrees Fahrenheit within a century, with a sea level rise of three to six feet.  There is a threat of mass extinctions, of extreme weather and weather events, and of greater political instability in the regions first and most severely affected.

Despite this, there is no direct cost for carbon release.  A carbon tax would change that, setting an initial price per metric ton of carbon dioxide.  This policy must not increase poverty or put an undue burden on those households least able to afford it.  So some of the revenue – perhaps even all of the revenue, as proposed by Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen – would be refunded through a refundable tax credit or electronic benefit transfer system.

I promise you that one of my first acts as a Congressman – should you elect me on Tuesday – will be to sponsor or cosponsor legislation to enact a national carbon tax.

Please vote on November 4th.


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Our Endorsements!

endorsements final

I am so proud to share with you the full list of our endorsements.

On Friday the Washington Post said, “A strong and experienced Democratic candidate emerged from last spring’s party primary: former lieutenant governor Don Beyer. He would make a fine member of Congress, and we support him.”

Your support has made all of this possible. You were with me through the primary, and I know you will stand with me for the next 8 days, and — if I am lucky enough to be elected — far beyond.


Looking at this list, I know we have the support necessary to get us to Election Day on top, but we are taking nothing for granted. This campaign all comes down to who shows up to vote next Tuesday, November 4th. We aren’t letting up for a minute, and, with your help, we will Get Out The Vote!

Thank you for your support and your vote – 8 more days!

All the best,

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The Sierra Club
The Washington Post
The Humane Society Legislative Fund
Everytown for Gun Safety
NARAL Pro-Choice America
American Federation of Government Employees
Human Rights Campaign
Clean Water Action
Planned Parenthood
American Federation of Teachers
National and Virginia Education Associations
Virginia AFL-CIO
National Treasury Employees Union
National and Northern Virginia Associations of Realtors
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
American Nurses Association
International Association of Fire Fighters
The Falls Church News Press
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
The Sun Gazette
The Council for a Livable World – PeacePAC
Business-Industry PAC
National Association of Postal Supervisors
The New Democrat Coalition PAC
Office and Professional Employees Intl Union OPEIU
J Street PAC
National Association of Postal Supervisors
National Association of Postmasters
National Postal Mail Handlers’ Union
National Rural Letter Carriers Ass’n PAC
American Postal Workers Union
National Association of Letter Carriers
Professional Aviation Safety Specialists – PASS PAC
National Weather Service Employees Organization


Bill Richardson, Presidential Candidate 2008, Governor of New Mexico
Howard Dean, Presidential Candidate 2004, Governor of Vermont
Madeleine Kunin, Governor of Vermont, Deputy Secretary of Education
Lynda Johnson Robb, First Lady of Virginia
Linwood Holton, Governor of Virginia
Jinx Holton, First Lady of Virginia
Toddy Puller, Virginia State Senator, Fairfax
Bob Brink, Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Gerry Hyland, Fairfax County Supervisor, Mount Vernon
David Snyder, Vice Mayor, Falls Church
Paul Ferguson, Arlington Clerk of Court
Phil Duncan, Falls Church City Council
Lawrence Webb, Falls Church School Board
Charniele Herring, Former Democratic Party of Virginia Chair, Virginia Delegate, Alexandria
Mary Margaret Whipple, Former Virginia State Senator, Arlington
Kerry Donley, Former Alexandria Mayor
Dana Kauffman, Former Fairfax Board of Supervisors
David Speck, Former State Delegate, Former Alexandria City Council
Jim Scott, Former Virginia Delegate, Fairfax and Falls Church
Marian Van Landingham, Former Virginia Delegate, Alexandria
Judy Connally, Former Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Karen Darner, Former Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Ira Lechner, Former Virginia Delegate, Arlington
Lonnie Rich, Former Alexandria City Council
David Bell, Former Arlington Clerk of Court
Lilla Richards, Former Fairfax Board of Supervisors, McLean
David Axelrod, Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama
David Plouffe, Campaign Manager and Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama
Peter Rouse, Former White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama
Melody Barnes, Former Domestic Policy Advisor to President Barack Obama
Jim Messina, Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama
Julianna Smoot, Deputy Campaign Manager, President Obama’s Re-election campaign
Terry Lierman, Former Chief of Staff to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
John Milliken, Former Virginia Secretary of Transportation
Kate Michelman, President Emeritus, NARAL Pro-Choice America
Bill Dolan, two-time Democratic Nominee for Attorney General
Lawrence Roberts, Counselor to then-Governor Tim Kaine
Harris Miller, Former Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair
Dak Hardwick, Former Alexandria Democratic Committee Chair
Sharon Davis, Former Arlington County Democratic Chair
Robley Jones, Public Education Advocate
Bob Blancato, National and State Advocate for the Aging
Rebecca Jaramillo, Founding Member DPVA Latino Caucus, Former DLOV Board
Larry Schweiger, Environmental Leader
Chris Miller, Environmental Leader
Irene Natividad, President of Global Summit of Women
Patricia Sosa, Political Commentator on To The Contrary
Satish Korpe, Businessman and Democratic activist