Beyer Commentary: Equal Rights For Women

"There are still hurdles ahead, but I will continue to do everything I can to secure passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. It’s long past time to enact this Amendment to guarantee equal rights for women."

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Beyer’s 2020 Congressional Art Competition

My office is accepting submissions from students in my district for our annual art competition.

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Beyer endorsed by National Organization for Women PAC

I am a man who is a proud feminist, and I am honored to be endorsed by NOW PAC. NOW PAC engages in electoral politics to achieve equality for all women. It is a goal I will not stop pushing for. We are in this fight together.

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Beyer: Trump tax cuts have spurred deficits, debt, but not growth

"Our country faces pressing economic challenges. Instead of addressing those challenges, the president and Republicans in Congress chose to give very large tax cuts to those who didn’t need them and run up the deficit. We should have invested in roads and bridges and in education to prepare the next generation to compete in today’s global economy.”

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