Beyer seeks ‘expedited action’ by FAA to reduce DCA airplane noise

I am pressuring the FAA to change airplane flight paths south of Reagan National to reduce airplane noise in Northern Virginia.

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Rep. Beyer: What I learned in Central America

It is clear that the top mission of our U.S. presence in these countries is changing the conditions which drive irregular migration attempts to the United States. We are attacking the corruption, especially within the governments, which undermines citizen confidence that their countries will progress. We are training police forces to deal with both gang violence and narcotics trafficking, with significant reductions in the murder rates in all three countries. And we are investing in the conditions necessary for economic growth, especially the training of young people for jobs that pay much more than the minimum wage.

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On Weekends with Alex Witt, Beyer details securing Trump tax returns

We on the House Ways & Means Committee are building the most bullet-proof legal case for why the public should be able to see Pres. Trump's tax returns.

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Legislation to reduce gun violence

“One year ago, the country lost 17 students and teachers in Parkland to gun violence because multiple warning signs failed to prevent a mass shooting,” said Beyer. “The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act could have stopped this tragedy from happening and saved those lives. ERPOs give families and law enforcement a vital tool to stop those who pose a threat to themselves or others from having access to guns, and they are already saving many lives in the states that have adopted it. It is rare to have legislative solutions that could prevent disasters of the scope of Parkland or Virginia Tech, and rarer still to have bipartisan support for those measures. Both are the case for this bill. Congress should pass it with all possible haste.”

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