The shifts in Virginia voting that handed Trump an embarrassing defeat

For one thing, a third of voters who came to the polls said that part of their reason for voting was to send a message of opposition to Trump. For another, most Virginians view Trump’s job performance negatively, and they overwhelmingly backed Northam. But comparing 2016 exit polling to preliminary exit polling from the Virginia gubernatorial race, we see swings that suggest Gillespie’s ties to Trump were already a disadvantage.

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What To Believe — Data or Driving on Parkway?

Of note is separate accident data contained in a 2016 study by the Federal Highway Administration of the Morningside Lane intersection on the Parkway, a point about halfway between Belle Haven and Fort Hunt Park. The FHA analysis, which U.S. Rep. Don Beyer requested, reported that 30 crashes had occurred there during the seven years, 2006-2012, an average of 4.3/year; the vast majority of the incidents happened in clear, dry and daylight conditions. During the period above, 2011-2016, the Park Police reported 37 accidents in six years (6.2/year), an increase despite an unexplained drop in 2013.

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Bill would nix gerrymandering in favor of multi-member districts

Leading the effort is Rep. Don Beyer, a northern Virginia Democrat who admits his Fair Representation Act won't be an easy sell and may not pass for decades. But Beyer hopes the bill will start a conversation that ends with elimination of most single-member congressional districts.

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Paul Krugman: Virginia is for haters

Democratic voters are much less likely than Republican voters to cast ballots in state and local elections; as a result, a politically moderate state has a hard-right legislature. And there’s a real possibility that it may soon have a Republican governor, too. Here’s how that might happen: Ed Gillespie, the G.O.P. candidate, is trying to pull off an upset by going full-on Trumpist, doing all he can to mobilize the white nationalist vote. These cynical ploys might mobilize enough angry white voters to swing the election if Democrats don’t come out in equal force. If Gillespie pulls this off, all the worst impulses of the Trumpist G.O.P. will be empowered; you might think that things can’t get even worse, but yes, they can."

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