Beyer Urges Trump to Strike Immigration Deal With Democrats, End Government Shutdown

“I know Donald Trump didn’t write the ‘Art of the Deal,’ but he may not have read it either,” Beyer told ARLnow. “I don’t think Democrats are against spending $5 billion more on border security, but let’s work hard on the language to make sure it turns into something that actually makes a difference, rather than something that’s a campaign symbol… Maybe I spent too many years as an auto dealer, but I’m always looking for a win-win scenario.”

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Virginia Democratic lawmakers decry ‘president’s political game’

Pres. Trump spoke from the Oval Office about a crisis. There is a crisis, and it is Trump’s government shutdown. My district is home to about 80,000 federal workers, and my constituents are getting crushed.

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New Arlington board member pledges to listen to all constituents

As he was sworn in this week, incoming Arlington County Board member Matt de Ferranti promised to spend his time in office working to “balance the competing priorities we face as a community” and “hearing the perspectives of all Arlingtonians, whether you were one of the 52,000 who voted for me or the 47,000 who didn’t.”

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Beyer, Connolly seek GSA action to correct asbestos tracking deficiencies in federal buildings

Congressmen Don Beyer and Gerry Connolly wrote to the administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA) seeking fixes to problems identified by a General Accountability Office investigative report into asbestos in federal buildings. The report found that the GSA has failed to abide by its own tracking and recording guidelines, including the operation of a tracking database called IRIS, which tracks asbestos surveys in GSA-owned buildings constructed prior to 1998.

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