How Chris Hurst was driven to run for office by gun violence – and won

Hurst’s victory in his race for Virginia’s house of delegates this November has been a rallying point for gun violence prevention activists frustrated by years of political opposition to any new gun control laws in Congress and in state capitals.

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Governor McAuliffe’S PAC Announces $150,000 Investment in the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Voter Protection Program

The $150,000 investment will help support full-time staff dedicated to voter protection and fund efforts to monitor developments in election law, increase access to voting and provide guidance on voting rights and election administration issues. The donations will also be used to defeat any legislative or political effort at the state, local or federal level that strips Virginians of the right to vote.

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Park Service to conduct GW Parkway traffic study

The study, which will be completed in either late 2018 or early 2019, is expected to evaluate safety at problem intersections, look at ways to automate traffic enforcement, and provide recommendations to improve safety on that section of roadway, according to information provided by Beyer’s office.

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Safe Climate Caucus Co-Chairs Introduce Resolution On Second Anniversary Of Paris Climate Agreement

“Two years after the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, climate change remains a huge threat to the planet and the human race, but Donald Trump isn’t taking that threat seriously. The Paris Climate Agreement represents the best opportunity for the global community to prevent climate change’s devastating impacts on our communities, our economies, and our environment. This anniversary is a stark reminder of the direction the Trump Administration has chosen: a path abandoned, leadership abdicated, and work unfinished."

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