Don Beyer Declares Victory

Don Beyer declared victory this evening in the Democratic primary today for Virginia’s 8thcongressional district seat, saying he had loved “every minute of this race,” and thanking his supporters and his fellow candidates alike. “Tonight is the culmination of the hard work, the heartfelt values, and the shared ideas of many, many, many good people,” Beyer said. “I am honored and humbled to be your standard bearer … Now we turn our attention to November ... We must carry the Virginia ideals of integrity, community, progress, and compassion forward to all voters.”

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Polls Are Open!

Today is the day we have all been working towards - the polls are open in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District! We need to reach out to every voter we know in the district and make sure we all Get Out To Vote before 7 pm tonight!

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Do you have a plan?

Life is busy. We rely on calendars, weather reports, and apps to help us plan our days. Tomorrow is no exception. Do you have a plan for tomorrow? The best and most important part of living in a democracy is the right and opportunity to make your voice heard. Tomorrow we in the 8th District have the chance to choose who will represent us.

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Please Vote Tomorrow!

Thank you for your near-infinite patience with our many phone calls, emails, and door knocks over the past few months. Our able staff and enthusiastic volunteers have made more than 164,000 voter contact attempts! Some might think this was a little overkill, but nothing could be further from the truth. Elections are important. Years ago, I read the powerful insight that it is our elected leaders who determine who has a job and who does not -- who has a decent home and who does not -- who eats and who goes hungry -- who goes to war and who stays home.

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